Patient Testimonials

  • In sports or in life we all deal with the battle of nagging aches and pains. I am a bit of a weekend warrior or “has been” that likes to think he still “has it”.

    The battle with father time has won and I found myself locked up from my upper trap through my neck.  I was referenced to Iberia Sports and Rehabilitation located in New Iberia La. Upon arrival, I was assessed and It looked like the best form of therapy would be the Trigger Point Dry Needling with E-Stim. I was introduced to my therapist, Jason Keigley, who made the whole experience pain free and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Within minutes I was all fixed up and finished. Jason also advised treatment with the LightForce Laser which was also a very enjoyable experience. Upon the end of my treatment experience I started to loosen up and my range of motion increased. The pain and stiffness had drastically subsided and within two days was completely gone!!

    Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting, from the receptionist all the way to the therapist were first class and put off positive energy.  I actually left Iberia Sports and Rehabilitation in a better mood than when I walked in due to the staff. You guys have earned my business largely impart to the impact of the experience I received.

    I’m an official believer and advise anyone dealing with muscle stiffness etc, to look into these two treatments because they will drastically reduce and subside discomfort.



  • As a result of a wreck with an 18 wheeler, I had a broken shoulder. The moment I walked in the door for the very first time, I knew I was in the right place. From the front desk to every single staff member to the other patients, they all made such a difference in my recovery. My therapist pushed me to my limits, but never beyond what I was capable of, always with constant encouragement. Every piece of equipment you could possibly need is readily available including the indoor heated pool for aquatic therapy. And for me, the pool and my therapist there were a game changer. My time with Iberia Sports and Rehabilitation was so incredible that I am now a part of their Wellness Program in which I will continue to use the pool and all equipment, but more on my own. I can’t begin to say enough about what a positive, uplifting, challenging, and rewarding experience I have had at ISR.  I would 100% highly recommend them to anyone with any type of injury or post surgery rehab!

    Carol H.